Pursuing God’s Glory - Package

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4 Message CD Series & Book
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This limited time special offer includes:

Develope a Vison for Increase - 4 CD series
The Established Heart - Book

The Most High wants you most blessed. That begins with a vision. Getting a fresh vision in your life will: 

  • Enable you to see life the way God wants you to live it
  • Produce the perseverance needed
  • Enable you to stay focused on God’s plan for your life
  • Ignite your desire for the kind of life that God wants you to live

Developing a vision and staying focused will bring the increase that belongs to you. One of the most important success skills you can develop is vision. 

In the eye-opening book, “The Established Heart,” Jerry Savelle teaches seven major revelations from God’s word that you can apply to develop an established heart. With your heart established, you can stand in the midst of anything and truly make a difference for God in your life, in your family and in the world!

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