God's Goodness - Package

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3 Message CD Series & Single CD
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This limited time special offer includes:

Receive God's Best - Book
Making Room For His Glory - 3 CD Series

It’s time to put an end to frustration and start seeing results in your life! Are you under financial pressure without anything ever seeming to change?

In the inspiring book, “Receive God’s Best,” Jerry Savelle gives direction on how to position yourself for God’s breakthrough. God knows the state of your financial affairs, and he knows how to fix them! Learn how to apply practical, down-to-earth principles and experience God’s best in your life!

In the powerful 3-CD Message “Making Room for His Glory,” Jerry shares how when life get’s challenging, you can rise above it through the presence of God. You’ll learn what you must do to welcome the Glory of God into your life which will help you overcome any obstacle.

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