Building a Lasting Impression - Package

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Book and 4 CD Series
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What impression is your life making? How are you affecting and changing the world around you? In today's exclusive offer, Building a Lasting Impression Special Package You'll receive Jerry's insightful book, Living in the Fullness of the Blessing, and His Faith Building four-part audio series Our Covenant Keeping God. You are not meant to live an ordinary, mediocre life.

Discover how God's blessing and favor will make you an example of God's goodness in this package. 

Jerry teaches us:
 - How your actions can block the blessing
 - The result of God's favor, and
 - How to remove natural limits. 

God's blessing will cause you to make a lasting impression that echoes into eternity. Act quickly and request your copy of the “Building A Lasting Impression” Special Package.

You have an incredible chance to show a piece of heaven to those around you; to reflect God's goodness in your everyday life.

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