Called To Battle Destined To Win

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Giving up has become a terrible epidemic. Our society has become one of constant quitting. It may seem easier than holding on and waiting for God to show up, but giving up reaps no benefits. Just as quitting is never an option for a trained soldier in combat, it is not an option for the man or woman who stands on God's Word as a soldier in His army.  Called to Battle, Destined to Win, is a training manual for Christian soldiers, motivating believers to not give up and encouraging them that God's Word is true when it claims that He will come through for them as long as they do not quit. Dr. Jerry Savelle, who admits that he was once a quitter himself, writes candidly about his own experiences and challenges people to stand on the Word of God until victory is achieved.

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Called To Battle Destined To Win - Book
Paperback Book
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