Established Faith - Package

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Faith Made Simple - 4 CD Series
Life of Faith - Hardback Book
The Established Heart - Mini Book
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Do you know what it takes to outlast and overcome challenges? Why is it that some believers seem to struggle while others thrive?

In Today’s special offer, Jerry Savelle reveals the key principals that have brought stability and victory in his life for over 50 years. This powerful package includes his book Life Of Faith, his 4-part CD series Faith Made Simple, and his book The Established Heart. 

Your faith can grow stronger than ever before! 

Whether you’re just starting your journey of faith or have been on it a while, in this package you will discover:

- 6 steps to a successful faith project
- 2 things you must have before you step out in faith
- and how to see your circumstances through the eyes of faith 

Begin to strengthen your faith today, get your copy of the “Established In Faith” special package. 

This life-changing revelation of faith will empower you to live by faith, to overcome hardships, and to stand strong until your victory is seen. 

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