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Excelling in God's Plan - Package

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3 Message CD Series & Book
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This limited time special offer includes:

What It Takes To Stay Focused - 3 CD Series
If Satan Can't Steal Your Dreams, He Can't Control Your Destiny - Book

Get motivated to avoid distractions that have held you back and keep your eyes focused on your destiny. One of the most important success skills you can develop is the ability to stay focused. Discover the characteristics of focused people and how to apply these to your life.

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Thoughts: The Battle Between Your Ears

Paperback Book
Dimensions: 5.5"(w) x 8.5"(h)
Page count: 173

Prosperity & Success - Vol.1

Dimensions: 6"(w) x 9"(h)
Page count: 260

The Power Of The Blessing - MP3 Download

This digital download contains 5 mp3 messages.