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Faith and Patience - Package

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Faith and Patience - Single CD
The Nature of Faith - Book
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In the powerful CD teaching Faith and Patience, Jerriann Savelle shares on two of the key principles it takes to see God's plan for your life come to pass.

If you develop faith and patience, you will inherit all the promises of God. Many people misunderstand how faith works, or how to make it grow.

In the revealing book, The Nature of Faith, Jerry Savelle gives an in-depth study on what faith is, and how to live a life of faith. In its pages, you will discover:

 - How faith grows and decreases
 - How to determine your level of faith
 - How to see through the eyes of faith, and
 - How your faith can move mountains

By understanding faith and how to use it, you can experience the life God created you to live.

Don't delay... request this powerful combo, including the CD Teaching Faith and Patience by Jerriann Savelle, and The Nature of Faith by Jerry Savelle. Discover the keys to faith and patience today.