God is Working Behind the Scenes - Package

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No Boundaries (Book)
How to get from Amen to There it is (2-CD Series)
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Why settle for ordinary when you can have the extraordinary!? Break free from unseen limits holding you back with this special resource package. 

Everyone faces boundaries and limitations at some point in their life. In the faith-filled book “No Boundaries,” Jerry Savelle reveals how boundaries that have kept you enslaved can be broken! As you read, you will learn how to recognize boundaries and how to break free from them. 

In the powerful 2-CD teaching, “How to get from ‘Amen’ to ‘There it is’,” Jerry shares a step by step guide to help you stay focused on getting the very thing you prayed for! Don’t settle for unanswered prayers, discover how to get results in your life. 

Don’t wait any more! Order the “God is working behind the scenes” package featuring the book, “No Boundaries” and the 2-cd teaching, “How to get from Amen to There it Is.” God has an extraordinary life planned for you, a life without limits, and it’s time that you start living it. You can begin living a ‘No boundaries’ life and see your prayers answered, today!

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