God’s Maximum

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It is time for God’s Maximum—the highest level attainable!

Many Christians want God’s best, but they are unwilling to do what is required to attain it. God wants each of us to enjoy His maximum, but getting to that level isn’t going to simply happen automatically. If it were possible to always enjoy God’s Maximum, the highest level attainable, yet live any way we want to live, then all Christians would already be there. But that’s not the way God works.

In this book based on both Old and New Testament teachings on a hundredfold return on seed sown, Dr. Jerry Savelle reveals:
  · God’s way of doing things
  · How to prepare for God’s Maximum
  · How giving qualifies us for the maximum
  · The purpose of prosperity
  · How to break loose from all that holds you back

When we order our lives in accordance with God’s way of doing things, we put ourselves in position to receive His best. According to God’s Word, His best—the maximum and highest level attainable—is available to all who have made Jesus Savior and Lord. As you delve with Jerry Savelle into the biblical truths featured in this book, you’ll uncover a reliable scriptural guide to lead you into God’s Maximum.

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God’s Maximum - Book
Casebound Book
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