Greatness of Our God - Package

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Book & 3 CD Series
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It is time for you to see God’s mountain moving power in your life! It's available right now!

In the powerful book and 3-CD teaching, “Marvels, Wonders, & Extraordinary Manifestations of the Greatness of our God,” Jerry Savelle reveals how God plan is to continue doing the miraculous and bring 
a harvest of  blessing!

In this timely package you’ll learn:
 • Three acts of faith that usher in God’s wonders
• The role angels play in the manifestation of God’s
greatness in our lives
• The relevance of prophecy in the end time harvest
• The necessity of finances for the end time harvest
• How to position yourself for an abundant harvest 
• And More!

Today is the day! Dare to mix your faith with what He’s word has already promised. Begin to experience Marvels, wonders, and extraordinary manifestations of his greatness today!
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50th Anniversary Favor Bible (KJV)

Giant Print - typically ranging from 14 - 15 point font
Also includes a 40 page Anniversary photo scrapbook with never before seen pictures from 50 years in ministries.

50 The Collection

50 Messages on 1 USB flash drive
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