Hey That's The Favor Of God

Paperback Book
Dimensions: 4"(w) x 7"(h)
Page count: 84
SKU: 0292BK

Dr. Jerry Savelle is known throughout the world for the favor of God evident upon his life, and the message of favor he has preached for more than fifty years. But during the coronavirus pandemic that erupted in 2021, virtually shutting down the whole world, the Lord spoke these surprising words to Dr. Savelle: “I am about to release an unprecedented outpouring of my favor.”

In a post-pandemic era where global humanity struggles continually in search of peace, provision, and a sense of normalcy, God’s people are currently experiencing an unprecedented outpouring of His blessing, goodness, and favor—available to all who put their faith in Jesus Christ. In this quick reading but potent book.

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