How God Supplies Your Every Need

Paperback Book
Dimensions: 5"(w) x 7"(h)
Page count: 118
SKU: 3003BK

How God Supplies Your Ever Need isn't just another prosperity book. Rather, it clearly points out over-looked Biblical principles concerning giving and receiving. In this powerful, prophetic word, Jerry Savelle shares principles that will revolutionize your thinking and cause you to experience God's best for your life.

You will learn:

  • How to become seed-minded instead of need-minded
  • How to scripturally approach God with your needs
  • How to have God's attitude about your needs
  • How to get involved in the needs of others
  • How to make giving your life style

"God has already made provision for all our earthly needs - now we must learn to tap into what is already ours."

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