Joy and Restoration - Package

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From Devastation to Restoration (Book)
If Satan Can't Steal Your Joy (Book)
Stability in Unstable Times (3 CD Set)
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How do you maintain your joy in the middle of a trial?

Today’s special offer, the Joy and Restoration Package, contains Jerry Savelle’s 3-part CD Series, Stability In Unstable Times, his best-selling book If Satan Can’t Steal Your Joy He Can’t Keep Your Goods, and his inspiring book, From Devastation To Restoration.

In this package, Jerry teaches:
  - How joy isn’t connected to circumstances
  - Why many people become discouraged
  - How to stand strong against adversity
  - and how God restores even when things look impossible

You can refuse to be discouraged. God is capable of turning the most impossible situation into a victory.

Stop being an open target for Satan’s attacks. God has called you to be a victor, not a victim. Order now and discover the Joy and Restoration God has for you.
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