Life of Faith

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The Bible teaches us that it is impossible to please God without faith, so why wouldn’t you want to live by faith? Based on the Word of God and almost 5 decades of his own personal journey, Dr. Savelle teaches how to release your faith and how to see beyond your present circumstances – to see with the eye of faith. You will discover that your faith has the ability to grow to a level that will not only sustain you but can sustain others.

In this book, you will discover:

•Your words can set you free or put you in bondage.
•The importance of releasing your faith with the words of your mouth .
•It is possible to see things that are not yet seen.
•What “works" has to do with your faith.
•How you can go from no faith to a level of, not just great faith, but exceedingly great faith.
•And how you can hold fast to your faith without wavering, when all around you says, it can’t happen.

This life-changing revelation of faith will show you how to live by faith, how to overcome the world by faith and how to be the winner that God called you to be.

Picture of Life of Faith - Book
Life of Faith - Book
Hardback Book
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