Living Unashamed - Package

Limited Time Special Offer
Living Unashamed - Book
Overcoming the Spirit of Hopelessness - 3 CD Series
You Were Created for His Glory - Book
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Do you see yourself the way God sees you?

Today’s special offer, the Living Unashamed Special Package, contains Jerry Savelle’s revealing book, You Were Created For His Glory, his 3-part audio series, Overcoming The Spirit Of Hopelessness, along with his daughter, Jerriann’s, eye-opening book, Living Unashamed.

Shame and self-doubt can rob you of your peace, happiness, and purpose. You can break free from the mistakes of the past and embrace your identity in Christ.

In this special package you’ll discover:

- How to break the cycle of shame
- Where guilt really comes from
- What forgiveness can produce
- and How to receive God’s hope 

Don’t delay…request your copy of the Living Unashamed special package.

It’s time to embrace the life God has for you and leave the past behind. You can live with confidence and peace knowing God made you unique and special.

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