Maximizing Your Harvest - Package

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Book, 3 CD Series & Mini-Book
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Are you ready to remove lack and break free from financial bondage? It's time to move to a higher level of God's blessing and goodness. Today's faith-filled offer, Maximizing Your Harvest Special Package contains Jerry Savelle's inspiring book, Life of Faith. His mini book, Sowing In Famine, and his eye-opening three-part audio series, Maximizing Your Harvest. Learn the keys to receiving the most out of your sowing and discover how God has plans to prosper you.

In this package, Jerry teaches
 - How to hold fast to your faith
 - How to identify financial bondage
 - How to remove lack, and
 - What produces a maximum blessing

Don't delay. request your copy of the “Maximizing Your Harvest” special package. Don't just look at your seed. Look at what your seed can produce.

Now is the time to trust God's Word and watch your seed produce a maximum harvest.

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Nature of a Seed - Package

Limited Time Special Offer
Book, 3 CD Series & Mini-Book
** NOTICE ** Increase God's Way - Backordered (Will ship as soon as available)
Are You Tired of Sowing Much and Reaping Little? & How to Bring God's Glory on Your Finances (Shipping now).

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