Maximum Results - Package

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Book & 50 Messages on 1 USB Flash Drive
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Are you tired of settling for mediocrity? It's time to break free from limiting beliefs and unleash your maximum potential.

Introducing today's transformational offer the Maximum Results special package. This remarkable package includes Jerry Savelle's, eye-opening book God's Word in Troubled Times, along with his power-packed 50th anniversary USB flash drive featuring 50 of Jerry's most sought-after inspiring audio messages. 

In this package, Jerry reveals: 

  • God's strategy for overcoming life's challenges 

  • The keys to accessing supernatural blessing

  • How to experience unstoppable momentum in your life, and 

  • The secret to receiving God's Promises.

Don't Wait any longer, request your copy of the "Maximum Results" special package. 

Don't allow small thinking to hold you back. Begin to seize God's maximum results today.

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