Promise of Provision - Package

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God, our source - 4 CD series
How God supplies your every need - Book
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You can count on God to meet all your needs. The God of more than enough has promised to supply the resources you need for a victorious life. 

When you order today's special offer "Promise of Provision,"you'll receive Jerry Savelle's revealing book, "How God supplies your every need," and his four-part CD series "God, our source." 

The truths contained in this special package are needed now more than ever before, discover how God can be your source of peace and hope and prosperity. In this series, Jerry demonstrates how your decisions enable you to experience God's promise of provision, how you can overcome every test and triumph. 

Don't delay, request your copy of the "Promise of Provision" special package. You may not know how God is going to provide, but you can trust his promise that he will. Your provision is on the way. Learn the principles from God's Word that will inspire your faith to see God do the impossible. 

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