Provision For Your Vision

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In this 3-CD series, Dr. Jerry Savelle shares the wisdom God has given to him over the many years, that he himself has carried out for God’s vision of his life and ministry.

Through this three part message you will learn:
How to know your vision is from God.
Why God entrusts His vision to only those who are visionary.
How your vision will take on a life of its own and never stop growing.
How God will empower and provide for you to carry out God’s vision.
What is required to take hold of God’s vision and carry it through.
The role of the principle of seed time and harvest in God supplying you provision.
What do you do while you’re waiting for your harvest.
The biblical “Checklist” for receiving your harvest.
What are the possible stumbling blocks to receiving the provision.
These messages will build your faith and help you fulfill God’s call on your life.  Dr. Savelle will show you how to know with confidence that you have heard the vision God has uniquely assigned to you and how to carry-out that vision.
Picture of Provision For Your Vision CD Series
Provision For Your Vision CD Series
This series contains 3 compact disc.
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Provision For Your Vision - MP3 Download

This digital download contains 3 mp3 messages.

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