My Personal Seedtime & Harvest Journal

Paperback Book
Dimensions: 5.5"(w) x 8.5"(h)
Page count: 120
SKU: 3041BK

I have prepared this journal so that you can keep a record of your financial sowing and reaping. I trust that it will be a tremendous help to you.

I have discovered in my own life that keeping a journal helps me to stay single-minded and focused. It also acts as a “point of contact” for my faith.

Use it faithfully and I believe that you will begin to see greater results than you’ve ever experienced before.

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As we reflect on and celebrate the life of Dr. Jerry Savelle, we invite you to give a special Memorial Offering. This offering is not only a tribute to a man who walked faithfully with God but also a continuation of his legacy—a legacy of faith, favor, and divine prosperity.

Dr. Savelle’s faith in the Lord’s blessings and his dedication to sharing this message enabled countless people to walk in God’s favor. Now, you have the opportunity to sow into the fertile ground of his ministry, helping others receive the teachings that Dr. Savelle championed throughout his lifetime.

Thank you,
Jerry Savelle Ministries International

My Personal Favor of God Journal

Paperback Book
Dimensions: 5.5"(w) x 8.5"(h)
Page count: 128

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How God Supplies Your Every Need

Paperback Book
Dimensions: 5"(w) x 7"(h)
Page count: 118