September 2021

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How many times have you heard the phrase, Life is often unpredictable.” Or maybe youve heard it said, You never know whats going to happen next.” Many Christians have joined in on this theme of the unknown and even stated, You never know what God is going to do.”

I recently preached a message that you need to hear. Ive instructed my team to send this message to you as my thank you for your faithful financial support this month. So, as you give, you will receive my message, God Is Working on Something Good For You, as an MP3 download or on CD. 

I know that God is up to something good for you. He is working on it right now! And Im standing in faith with you to see it come to pass. 

Dont worry and dont fear, because God is up to something good. I believe that, and Im expecting it for you. You dont ever have to question or wonder about Gods intentions towards you. No matter how long it takes, dont give up on Him. With God on your side, how can you lose (Romans 8:31)? If youll just stay in faith, youll find that it will be worth it all. I hope to hear from you soon.

Picture of September 2021 - MP3
September 2021 - MP3

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September 2021 - Single CD

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September 2021 - Giving
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