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The Life Of Faith / The Nature Of Faith

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The Life OF Faith - 3 Compact Disc
Living by faith is the only way you will walk into and experience the life God has for you. If you have faith in God and refuse to doubt, then you will see God's power work in your life just like it worked in Jesus’ life.
Every believer needs to learn the spiritual truths taught in this series. The life of faith will produce the greatest adventures you've ever experienced in your life. With God nothing is impossible. Everything He has promised He will do if you will dare to believe it. Make faith a lifestyle!

The Nature Of Faith - Book
Many people misunderstand faith. They don’t know how it works or how to make it grow. You must feed your faith every day just as you feed your body.

In this revealing look at faith, noted author and Bible teacher Jerry Savelle, gives an in-depth study on what faith is and how to live a life of faith.
In The Nature Of Faith you will discover:
- How faith grows
- How faith can decrease
- How to determine your level of faith
- How to see through the eyes of faith
- And how your faith can move mountains

Unless you have great faith operating in your heart, you will not get great faith results.

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