Jerry Savelle Ministries publishes a free magazine called Adventure in Faith, which includes exciting relevant articles by Jerry and Carolyn Savelle, and others, as well as testimonies. It also contains information about upcoming meetings, products and much more.

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  • 2016-aif-oct-dec-cover
    Adventures In Faith, October/December 2016October 1, 2016Jerry Savelle: Increase God’s Way Carolyn Savelle: Our Covenant Of Love Joseph McCroskey: Increase In These 5 Things, Increase In All Things Justin Bridges: It’s All About Connections Bill Horn: Covenant Relationships  
  • 2016-AIF-Jul-Aug
    Adventures In Faith, July/August 2016July 1, 2016Jerry Savelle: Giving is the Cardinal Law of God Carolyn Savelle: Love at First Sight Jerri Ann Savelle: True Love Terri Savelle Foy: Commited  
  • 2016-AIF-Apr-Jun
    Adventures In Faith, April/June 2016April 1, 2016Jerry Savelle: Evangelism and Discipleship Carolyn Savelle: The Birth of a Dream Jerry Savelle: A Passion for God–a Passion for Souls Joe McCroskey: With God All Things Are Possible  
  • 2016-AIF-Jan-Mar
    Adventures In Faith, January/March 2016January 1, 2016Jerry Savelle: God’s Presence, Power, and Goodness Carolyn Savelle: God Still Heals Today! Justin Bridges: Removing Every Limitation Joe McCroskey: Healing Is a Promise You Must Choose