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10/03/20Crowley, TXA Word from the Holy Spirit – “A New Era Has Begun”Recently while in a time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit, I heard Him speakthese words:“A New Era has begunAnd more and more signs and wonders will be seen in 2021For those who will heed My voice and obey My wordsThey’ll experience My goodness and My power as never seen nor heardThey’ll see the fruit of their faithfulness come bursting forthAnd they’ll prosper and flourish like never beforeAbundance and Overflow, that’s what they’ll seeI’ll bring it to pass because of their love and their obedience to MeNo longer will their enemy have the upper handFor My spirit is moving and an outpouring of My power is coming upon the landMany triumphant victories will mark this New EraIt’s what I’ve planned, so rest in MeMiracle after miracle, that’s what I’ll doDecree it and receive it and know that it’s trueRefuse to be swayed by what’s said in the newsWith Me on your side, how can you lose?So stay with My Word, it’s faithful and trueI’ll bring it to pass and great things I will do”
And then a few days later, while in Visalia, California (October 7, 2020), I heardthe Holy Spirit say again:“Yes, a New Era is here, it’s already begunAnd I’ve planned marvelous things for you in 2021Abundant Overflow is the order of the daySo rest assured, it’s on its wayYour adversary can’t stop what I’ve already decreedso stay in faith and get ready to receiveAllow no one to discourage you by what they sayKeep looking to Me, and I’ll have My way”
Flying back home from California, I heard these words (October 8, 2020)“Tell My people they’ll need to remain strong and stay close to MeSo they’ll not be deceived by their enemyHis attacks will intensify, and he’ll try to prevailBut My power is greater, and it shall not failFear not nor be fretful over whatever shall comeThe battle is mine, and I’ve already wonContrary to what you’ll see and what you shall hear2021 will be a great yearA year of Abundance and OverflowThat’s my plan, and it shall be so!”
Yesterday I spent most of the day listeningWhen I went to bed, I still had what the Holy Spirit had said on my mindAnd then this morning, I was awakened by the Holy Spirit (October 11, 2020 at2:30 a.m.), and He once again said to me:“This is your theme for 2021Abundant Overflow – it’s already begun”
10/11/20Crowley, TX
Impressed by the Holy SpiritAt 7:00 a.m., October 11, 2020, I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to write thefollowing words:“A great shaking, a great shifting, a great displacing will take place in your Nation and thenimmediately following this there will come a great awakening and a great outpouring”Shaking – The act of causing something to be removed or replacedShifting – The act of changing position or directionDisplacing – The act of laying aside someone and making room for anotherAwakening – The act of becoming more attentive to the will, the plans, and the purposes of GodOutpouring – A sudden, rapid flow and barrage of God’s spirit, God’s power, God’s anointing, God’slove, and God’s blessings“This is what you are to be watching for and what you are to be expecting as you enter into 2021You’ll see it says the Lord, and remember when it happens that I told you beforehandI’m in charge of the seasons and the times, and my purposes shall be fulfilledI have the power to raise up and to bring down and no man, no government, and certainly noadversary will stop what I have plannedSo lift your hands and praise Me, and know that I have everything under control.
11/29/20Crowley, TX
A Word From the Holy Spirit
At 7:40 a.m., November 29, 2020, the Holy Spirit spoke to me once more, and I heard these words:
“Don’t fear the future because it’s still brightand I’ll see you through each and every fight
So stay in faith and watch what you saySpeak only My Word, and I’ll have My way
It’s never My will for you to failIt’s always My will for you to prevail
So don’t be moved by what you hear and seeThis is how you enter into greater victoriesBe bold and courageous and stay free from all fearFor 2021 is going to turn out to be a great year
I’ll take you higher than you’ve ever been beforeThis is My promise, and My promises are sure
So stay in My Word and rest in MeFor this is your year to be totally free”
In Him,
Jerry Savelle
 Jerry Savelle[/cs_content_seo]