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"Now what? How am I supposed to move forward without you? What’s going to happen next?"

Those are the types of questions we ask ourselves when something unexpected happens. Those are some of the questions that began swirling around my mind after Jerry, the love of my life, went home to be with Jesus on April 15th.

When life-altering events occur, the natural response is shock and uncertainty. In the natural, there’s so much that is unknown at that moment.

But thank God, you and I are not left to our own natural understanding. We have a greater reality, built on the truths of God’s Word, than what this world has to offer. (Philippians 4:7)

As people of faith, you and I can find peace even in the midst of pain and uncertainty. We don’t allow ourselves to fall into fear or despair, but there are legitimate questions that need to be answered.

The day following Jerry’s passing, I woke up filled with so many questions. In that moment, it felt completely overwhelming. "What does this mean for our family? What will holidays look like? What does this mean for me personally?"

Plus, all the ministry questions that need answers. How can I lead an international ministry and continue to fulfill the vision without him? How do I continue supporting missionaries, projects, soul-winning outreaches, and Bible Schools around the world?

These are all real questions that require real answers. Answers that I didn’t have. I was crying out to God and asking Him how to take care of all the things that needed resources.

As I sat in my bed, only three days after he passed, with tears pouring down my cheeks, I looked at the nightstand where I had laid all of my mail. Our staff had also included some papers and a book for Jerry to see when he got home. The book’s title: “Supernatural Provision for Your Vision” by Jerry Savelle.

This was Jerry’s new book that just arrived from the printer, that he didn’t get to see the finished result.

He completed the final manuscript and approved the final design a few weeks prior, and now I was seeing it from the printer for the first time.

I showed my daughter, Terri who was staying with me, and she said, “Mama, Daddy left you the manual.”

God spoke to my spirit right then and told me He was going to provide all the answers I needed. He was going to provide all the money necessary to impact the world. He was going to provide all the provisions required to accomplish the vision He has for this ministry. And Jerry left us a manual to follow.

Isn’t God good! Isn’t He faithful!

For over fifty-five years of ministry, Jerry and I have seen God do the miraculous time and time again, and God’s not done. He is still showing Himself strong on our behalf.

While I miss Jerry more than I can express in words and my heart still aches every day, I also have a confidence in God’s goodness and a faith-filled excitement for the future. Each day I’m taking a step of faith knowing that He is the Great Provider.

This brand-new, unreleased book has brought me so much hope in a time of sorrow and uncertainty. Jerry’s revelation pouring from each page has been a guiding light for me these past few weeks.

I know there are others who are hurting in life right now. People who are unsure of their future and how to move forward.

Maybe you have many questions concerning the unknown parts of your life. God wants you to experience the same peace and encouragement He has given me.

You can overcome every challenge, uncertainty, and frustration. I want you to strengthen your faith and see the good future God has for you. (Jerimiah 29:11)

No matter what life-altering event you may have faced or how impossible a situation may look, you are not alone. I want you to walk in the same hope I have.

This new book from my sweet Jerry has brought me so much comfort and I want you to experience it with me. The truths from God’s Word and the biblical principles that Jerry lays out will ignite your faith and teach you to believe God for supernatural provision.

As my first letter to you as the President of JSMI, I want to do what Jerry and I agreed was the greatest spiritual law we’ve ever learned: Sowing in faith. (Luke 6:38) I want to make this special, brand-new book available to you for your gift of ANY AMOUNT. That’s right, I want to give you this precious book as my thank you for any gift amount.

This book is too special to me to sell it like it’s just another new book. God arranged this book for this time. And if you’ll respond in faith, I know that God will use it in your life just as He has in mine.

God has provided for me and the ministry in ways I didn’t even know. He’s pretty good at surprises. In fact, when meeting with the media staff, they showed me FOUR OTHER MANUSCRIPTS Jerry was working on. One of them with his handwritten final edits for a book scheduled to be released early 2025!

Isn’t God amazing!

Thank you for your continued support. You are part of the miracle God is doing in and through Jerry Savelle Ministries.

And although life is different, the vision and purpose aren’t. We’re still going to preach the uncompromised Word of Faith. We’re still going to teach you how to win in life. We’re still going to disciple, reach out, and see God make champions out of those who have been labeled as failures.

So, as you give this month, you are part of a great future. You are part of God moving in this generation. And we’re still standing with you to see God’s favor and blessing poured out into your life.

To receive this brand-new, unreleased book, “Supernatural Provision for Your Vision,” by Jerry Savelle, for your gift of any amount. Online giving is secure and convenient. You can also give by calling 1-866-576-4872, by texting “GIVE” to 817-835-9625, or using the enclosed reply sheet and postage-paid return envelope.

Walking by faith doesn’t mean never facing hardships or loss. But I’m so thankful for the foundation of truth I’ve built my life on. The timeless, eternal teaching that Jerry lived by is still active in my life and yours.

Thank you for your continued care and prayers for me, my family, and the staff. You matter to me more than you know. I am so grateful for you and your kindness.

Let’s trust God together and see Him provide supernatural provision for our vision.

With a grateful heart,
Jerry Savelle
Carolyn Savelle

P.S. Do you have a need? Something greater than the resources in your hands? I know what that’s like. I also know how great God is at doing over and above what we ask or think. You can walk in supernatural provision! I hope to hear from you soon so my team can send you “Supernatural Provision for Your Vision” as my thank you for your continued support.

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