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Merry Christmas from my family to yours. As we close out this year, I have a question for you. Have you considered lately the great privilege it is to be in union with Christ?

I want to share with you the remarkable benefits and blessings that your union with Christ should produce in your life. What God has shown me has profoundly impacted my heart, and I believe it will resonate with you as well.

In my recent study of the Scriptures, I read a wonderful passage that I find to be nothing short of inspiring. It's from 1 Corinthians 3:22-23, in THE MESSAGE paraphrase: "All is yours. And you are privileged to be in union with Christ, who is in union with God."

The message in these verses reveals the truth that everything God has belongs to us because of our union with Christ.

In simpler terms, you can say it like this: everything God possesses belongs to you because of your relationship with Christ. Now, the question that arises, and one that we all should ponder, is this: If all the treasures of God are available to us, why would we settle for less?

So, if His Word is true, and we know it is, then what He declared is undeniable: "All things are yours." If everything is available to us, then why do some Christians fail to enjoy these blessings?

The sad reality is that many Christians do not fully grasp or, in some cases, do not truly believe that all things are within their reach. The potential and the blessings that God has placed before us often go unrealized.

This should ignite a fire within your heart and encourage you to boldly claim what is rightfully yours through your relationship with Christ and once again, refuse to settle for less than God’s best.

It is my fervent hope that, as we continue to walk this “adventure in faith” together, we will live in a manner that fully embraces and experiences all that God says is ours.

At this point, I want to shed some light on three key reasons why many Christians may not fully understand or believe in the abundance of God's blessings available to them.

The first reason that often hinders many believers is a "lack of knowledge." As the Bible rightly declares, "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6). This is a simple yet powerful statement that emphasizes the importance of knowing what God's Word says.

If you’re unaware of the promises, provisions, and blessings within the pages of Scripture, you may inadvertently miss out on the very gifts that God desires for you to enjoy. For instance, if you don't recognize that healing is your inheritance, it becomes challenging to walk in divine health. If you don’t embrace the promise of prosperity, your financial well-being will likely go unrealized.

Understanding that we have a right to be redeemed from the curse is crucial, as it opens the door to experiencing the fullness of redemption. Lack of knowledge was a hurdle I faced early in my faith journey, but it was a challenge I was determined to overcome.

Number two, we encounter another significant obstacle on the path to understanding and embracing God's abundance through rejected knowledge. This is a concept clearly outlined also in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” but, it doesn't stop there; the verse goes on to emphasize that “some reject knowledge.”

To me, those who choose to reject knowledge find themselves in an even more challenging situation than those who lack it altogether. The question that arises is, “Why would anyone consciously turn away from knowledge?” The answer often lies in the grip of religious tradition and the shackles of religious unbelief. It is the steadfast commitment to tradition that can sometimes prevent us from accepting the liberating truths that God's Word offers, inhibiting us from fully experiencing the promises He has made available to us.

Years ago, a friend approached me requesting that I preach at the church he was presently attending. I agreed, so he and the pastor arranged for me to speak for three consecutive nights.

On the first evening, I preached from Romans about the reality of righteousness, emphasizing the significance of our right standing with God. However, to my surprise, the pastor and his wife abruptly left the service during my message and did not return that night.

The following night, the pastor introduced me but left before I began my message. I couldn't help but feel uneasy about the situation, wondering if I had inadvertently offended him or his wife. My friend who had initially invited me, was apologetic, assuming that I had somehow upset the pastor.

As the third night approached, I was prepared for the possibility of another premature departure by the pastor. To my astonishment, the pastor stood before the congregation and called me to the podium. I approached, and he began with a surprising admission: "I need to apologize to you." I was thrown off guard and asked, "Apologize for what?"

He revealed, "On the first night, you made me so angry that my wife and I had to leave.” The pastor went on to explain, "The next night, I introduced you but left again. I went to the lobby and listened for a while. Then my wife and I left for home. When we arrived, I told her “That young man knows nothing about the Bible.” However, we spent most of the night reading the verses you had preached about, and it turned out that everything you said was supported by Scripture. In fact, I went to my library, retrieved a stack of books filled with religious unbelief, and held a book burning in my backyard. I want you to know, young man, you were right. You preached the Bible, and I apologize."

In the end, it became evident that his attachment to religious tradition had initially caused him to reject knowledge.

You must strive to break free from religious confines, always seeking the truth that sets you free and embracing the knowledge that brings you closer to the abundant life God intended for you to enjoy.

Reason number three as to why many individuals fall short of fully experiencing God's diverse blessings is their tendency to give up too quickly. It's a common scenario - they acquire knowledge, they eagerly receive it, and they sincerely attempt to apply it to their lives. However, when the initial results seem elusive or progress appears slow, they grow disheartened and often give up.

The Apostle Paul gives wise encouragement saying, "Having done all to stand, stand" (Ephesians 6:13). This should remind you that the journey of faith is not always easy. If it were, there would be no need to stand.

Faith is about endurance, patience, and unwavering commitment. The ability to stand firm, even when circumstances seem contrary, is a hallmark of a steadfast faith. If you are willing to persist, to remain patient, and to "stand" then, you will discover that what may have appeared slow or challenging initially can be transformed into a victorious journey.

Unfortunately, many Christians may not be prepared to stand indefinitely. Their mindset reflects a "Give it a try and see if it works" approach, often paired with a time limit - "If it doesn't work by sundown, I'm done." Such an attitude won’t lead to the fullness of God's blessings or allow you to reach the highest level attainable.

To fully enjoy God's best, you must be willing to persist, to endure, and to stand resolute in your faith, regardless of the challenges that come your way.

Recognizing and addressing these three obstacles can pave the way for a richer and more profound experience of God's plan for our lives.

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In Him,

Jerry Savelle
Jerry Savelle

P.S. Remember, all things are yours through your union with Christ. Jesus shed His precious blood to make this abundant life available to you. God has spoken, and His message is clear: It's time for you to reach for the maximum and the highest level attainable. Resolve not to settle for anything less than God's very best.