Faith Is Not A Mental Exercise

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Faith is not a mental exercise but a spiritual force. If you live by faith, you will develop a right mental attitude and you will begin to think positively based on God’s Word.

When you are facing pressure, you should get ready to do something that may be difficult. It may demand discipline. A real “Word person” is strong, determined, and resolute!

When you become strong in the Word of God, you will say like the song, “I shall not be moved. I’m just like a tree planted by the river.” That is the voice of a strong-willed person who knows where he stands in God’s Word. He is determined that, if anybody moves, it will just have to be the devil.

This kind of attitude does not come to you overnight. You must feed on God’s Word day and night until you know that you know that you know.

Many people are inspired by the message of faith. It sounds good to them, and they run out and say, “Bless God, I am going to do this! I will not be moved!” Let me warn you: Don’t try to live on something that is not a revelation to YOU personally. But, when the Word is deeply rooted in your heart, then stand your ground until the devil backs off.

When you base your confession on the authority of God’s Word and are deeply rooted in it, then you can say with confidence, “I will not be moved,” and it will come with joy and assurance. You will KNOW that nothing the devil brings your way will cause you to be shaken! You have become strong-willed in the Word of God.

Confession: “My faith in God is a spiritual force that will bring about victory in my life!”

Author: Jerry Savelle