God’s Promise

lshookDaily Devotionals

Do you feel like you are walking under a dark cloud so to speak? Does everything in your life seem to be going in the wrong direction? Well, if it does, I want you to have hope. God has a promise for you today.

If the devil can cast a dark shadow over some area of your life, then he can cause you to lose the will to even put up a fight? That’s why he works so hard at it. He wants to create such a discouraging picture that you finally just give up and quit. But why would you do that? Satan has already been defeated and you are the victor! Remember what the Word says about you – get full of the Word and see how it will change your perspective. That dark cloud will go away.

Why? Because when you get full of the Word of God, you find out a few things. You find out that you are the one with the weapons that are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. You find out that you’re the one with the authority. You’re the one with the power through the name of Jesus. You find out that Satan has already been defeated. And when you stand up to him with the Word of God in your mouth and command him to flee, he runs away in stark terror.

Now I am not trying to deny the reality of sickness, financial problems, marital problems, or anything like that, but what I am acknowledging is a higher form of reality. Jesus said, “Thy Word is truth.” (John 17:17, KJV). The dictionary definition for truth is “the highest form of reality that exists.” Yes, sickness is real. Financial problems are real. Stress is real. Depression is real. But the Truth is a higher form of reality. When you apply a higher form of reality to a lower form, all things being equal, then the lower form must bow.

I don’t live in a fantasy world. I live in faith. I live in the Word. I live in the highest form of reality that exists. When problems come, I don’t say, “This is not really a problem.” No, I say, “Hold it right there, problem. Let’s see what the Word says about you.”

Whatever you are going through today is not the highest form of reality. No matter what shadows the devil casts at you, if you hold on to God and His Word, they will get you out of trouble. That is God’s promise. If you allow Satan’s shadows to darken you, then you lose sight of that promise. You are not remembering your covenant. God is saying, “Trust me! I will never let you down.”

Author: Jerry Savelle