God’s Purpose

lshookDaily Devotionals

God opens doors of opportunities for each and every one of us every day to serve Him in a greater capacity. But He doesn’t open these doors of opportunity for no reason. God always has a purpose for what He does.

Why does He give us these opportunities? So that He will be glorified in everything we do. He wants us to be blessed so we can be a blessing. God wants us to be able to help others. When we can do that, it brings glory to Him. It makes Him look attractive to the world.

Someone once said that the secret to success is to be ready for the opportunities that come into your life. I believe that God wants us to become more sensitive to the opportunities that are being presented to us.

I have seen people come to meetings where the Word of God is being preached and do nothing with it. And yet, there are others who sit in the same meetings, experience the same anointing, hear the same Word, and they seize the opportunity to apply it to their lives. If you examine their lives a year later, you see their lives are better. They have progressed, and the Blessing of God is abounding at a greater level in their lives. However, the lives of the people who did nothing with the message are the same as, or worse than, before.

The difference is that some chose to seize the opportunity of the Word, and some did not. Which one will you be today? Remember, God always has a purpose. He has a plan when He presents you with opportunities. Be still and hear His voice.”

Confession: I will glorify God in everything I do today!

Author: Jerry Savelle