March 2018

lshookMonthly Partner Letter

Jerry Savelle

This month as you give, I want to send you a powerful teaching message that I recently preached titled, The Glory and the Wealth. This is a faith-filled message that is sure to inspire you and help you continue with the zeal you started with!  Click here to give>

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could step out and ____________(fill in the blank), but I just don’t have the finances.”

As I speak at churches and conferences around the world, I often meet people with a desire to do more, give more, and help more…but they are being held back because of a lack of resources!

I know that God has given you a desire to provide for your family, to help the needy, to financially support this ministry and others. That vision for your life is from God!

Not only does God give you the vision, He always desires to give you the provision (financial resources) necessary to bring it to pass!

I want to share with you a word the Lord gave me concerning how this year is the time to experience His blessing and increase. If you want to discover a timely, spiritual truth, I encourage you to keep reading.

Everywhere I preach this year, the Lord has instructed me to teach people to boldly ask God to, “Show Me Your Glory.”

In studying the word glory, I’ve discovered that it has several meanings. It’s literally the manifested presence, power, and goodness of God. But did you know that the very first time the word glory is used in the Bible it refers to the material possessions and wealth?

In Genesis 31:1, the King James Bible describes how Laban’s sons complained that Jacob had taken all of their father’s “glory.” But in many other translations instead of “glory”, they use the words riches or wealth!

Another example of this is in Genesis 45:13, after Joseph had reunited with his brothers. He sends them home to his father and tells them, “So you shall tell my father of all my glory in Egypt…” Here again the word glory refers to prosperity, success and wealth.

In studying it this way, we get a new revelation on the phrase, “Show Me Your Glory.” It’s a declaration and request for God’s blessing and prosperity on your life!

Why has God given you this prophetic message concerning His glory? Why is it so important this year to see His glory in your life?

I believe that you and I are living in a critical time in history. God’s glory being revealed in your life this year is part of God’s desire to impact the entire world… especially those who are lost and separated from Him.

Isaiah 60:1-3 reveals that when God’s glory is seen in your life, it’ll cause even those who are lost in darkness to seek the light they see in you.

Please don’t miss this. God’s glory – wealth, success, prosperity – shown in your life is designed to be a tool that God uses to reach lost people. I like to say it like this, it’s prosperity with a purpose!

I want to encourage you to expand your thinking! God desires to do much more than you could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20-21). Don’t be satisfied with just barely getting by. Start declaring, “God, show me Your glory!”

God wants to bless you beyond your need, so that you have more than enough to give to every good work (2 Corinthians 9:8).

The Lord said to me one time, “If you’re going to believe for the blessings of Abraham, then you must also obey the command to Abraham to be a blessing. You don’t consume all the blessing on yourself.”

When the glory of God is manifesting in your life, you will have everything you need and more than enough to bless others!

Remember to always give God all the credit for your financial blessings and be the blessing to humanity that He wants you to become.

When you have a revelation of just how powerful it is having God’s glory on your life, then Satan will never again be able to keep you broke, barely getting by, or just existing.

This revelation will cause you to rise up and overcome poverty, want, and lack. You will begin to live the blessed life that God has planned for you.

Settle it once and for all in your heart that God is not against you prospering, nor is He against you being wealthy. Prosperity and wealth are God’s will for you… for the purpose of getting the Gospel to the world.

I truly believe that I heard from God when He said that this year will be Days of Glory, Days of Flourishing, and Days of Abounding. Lay hold of this and keep it in front of you. Decree it every day! Your best days are not behind you!

Make the quality decision that you will be one of those faithful He’s looking for, who lives right and refuses to back down!

I made that decision 50 years ago and I’m just as determined and passionate about serving God now as I was then.

I have seen how God has poured out His glory on the faithful time and time again. Now I want to see this happen in your life also! I’m committed to running alongside you and helping you reach the finish line! You can do it, so don’t back down!

It’s because of you, my faithful partner, that I’m able to teach people all over the world how to win in life! I want you, along with millions of others, to hear God say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

This month as you give, I want to send you a powerful teaching message that I recently preached titled, The Glory and the Wealth. This is a faith-filled message that is sure to inspire you and help you continue with the zeal you started with!

One of the greatest ways you can remain faithful is with your giving.

I have discovered that when you are faithful in your giving and generosity, you are also faithful in other areas of your faith. This is because the way you handle your money is connected to your heart (Matthew 6:21).

Your faithful support of this ministry makes you a partaker of the same grace and anointing on my life. I pray that the same passionate, no-quit attitude I have is yours also!

I’m praying for you and declaring God’s glory is upon your life!

              In Him,

Jerry Savelle

Jerry Savelle

P.S. Keep declaring it out of your mouth – Show Me Your Glory! Begin to expect His glory to show up every day.