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This month’s partner letter holds unique significance—it was penned before Dr. Savelle’s heavenly departure. Living a life rooted in faith and expectation, Jerry experienced God’s blessings and favor at the highest level. This letter below reveals one of the key principles of faith that propelled Jerry to a life of blessing, favor, and results. Let this following letter build your faith and expectations for God-sized results in your life.

I write to you today with a message that has been placed heavily upon my heart, as directed by the Spirit of God. I want to talk to you about how it's time to take your expectations to a higher level.

The Holy Spirit is compelling you to elevate your expectations, to reach for heights previously unseen and to anchor yourself in the truth of God’s Word.

Jesus said in Mark 11:22 KJV, "Have faith in God." Some translations encourage us to "Have the faith of God" or to embrace the "God kind of faith."

This "God kind of faith" is a faith that speaks to mountains with the expectation of movement, casting them into the sea without a shadow of doubt in one's heart. It's a bold, unwavering belief that what you declare, in alignment with God's will, shall indeed come to pass.

This principle of faith is not new; it’s the very method by which the universe came into being. As we read in Genesis chapter 1, "God said, and it was so," repeatedly marking God speaking the world into existence. It's a pattern, a divine blueprint showing us that the power of spoken faith is not just a historical event but a present-day promise to you.

I want to help you embrace this "God kind of faith." It’s time for greater expectations! You can speak to your mountains with the certainty that they will move. This is the faith that operates in prayer and in power, a faith that you’re called to live out each day.


Consider Mark 11:24 as Jesus continued saying, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

This Scripture calls you to a faith that is active and assured. Rather than wait for the evidence of your prayers to materialize before you start believing, you should believe from the very moment you present your requests to God.

Your “Amen” is not merely the end of a prayer; it's your bold declaration – “So be it” – affirming that your request has been acknowledged and fulfilled in the spiritual realm, even before it manifests physically.

This truth revolutionizes the way you engage in prayer.

It means that when you say “Amen”, you express an unshakeable trust in God's promise. You are not simply hoping; you’re living in the assurance of the things you hope for, the evidence of things not yet seen (Hebrews 11:1). From that moment of prayer and that utterance of “Amen”, you move into a posture of expectation, holding fast to the belief that what you have asked for is already yours.

Therefore, I urge you to embrace this “God kind of faith”—a faith that doesn't just passively believe it will receive, but actively expects to receive. This faith goes beyond the current natural circumstances and what your eyes can see, and it views your situation through the lens of the Spirit.

When you pray with this wholehearted faith, you are aligning your desires with God's will, and you are standing in the conviction that your “Amen” marks the commencement of a faith journey towards the realization of God's promises in your life.

So, pray with courage, expect with certainty, and pronounce your “Amen” with a faith that is already celebrating the accomplishment of your prayers. In 2024, adopt a faith that expects results. Carry high expectations into the rest of this year, and live each day expecting God's promises to manifest in your life.

If you're not expecting positive results, then I'm not sure you're exercising real Bible faith.

Again, Jesus says in Mark 11:24, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

When do you believe? You believe you receive when you pray, and that belief sets in motion your expectations. That's the instant you start looking for the answer to come your way.

Whatever it is you've prayed for, from that moment, you await with great expectation for your petition to manifest.

Do you remember when God told Abraham to take his son, Isaac, and present him as an offering? Paul in Romans chapter 4 speaks of Abraham being "fully persuaded that what God had promised, He was also able to perform."

This phrase, "fully persuaded," is the essence of expectancy. If you’re fully persuaded of God's promise, then you’re naturally expecting His actions. This year, let that same certainty fill you—be fully persuaded in your faith and fully expectant of God's miraculous power in your life.

Abraham was not just hopeful; he was utterly convinced that God possessed the power to fulfill what He had promised, and he expected it to be done.

I stand before this year with high expectations, and I am witnessing these expectations become my reality, one blessing at a time. Many of the promises I've held close are already unfolding before my eyes. And for those still on the horizon? My grip on them is steadfast because I am utterly convinced of God's power to bring His promises to fruition.

Will you stand with me, believing for monumental things from God in 2024?

Your expectancy should have its roots in God's faithfulness. Let this be the foundation upon which your hopes are built.

Now, give special attention to these three instructions that God has laid upon my heart to share with you for 2024:

  1. Stay in faith—Let your belief be unshakable, immovable by circumstance or what you see.
  2. Remain focused on the promises of God—Hold His Word close to your heart, for it is the blueprint of what is to come.
  3. Don't be distracted by the world—You may be surrounded by turmoil, but don’t let it sway you from the path God has set before you.

If you commit to these principles, you can be assured that your highest expectations will not only be met but surpassed.

Our God is a God of fulfillment and overflow, and your faith, coupled with unwavering focus and undistracted determination, will see you through to the promises He has for you.

So, step forward into the rest of this year with confidence, expecting great things from God, for He is faithful to perform His word.

And you’re not taking that step alone. We are walking through this year of progressing and advancing together. I’m here to help guide and inspire you each step of the way.

In fact, that’s why I asked my staff to send out my recent teaching titled, Unwavering Expectancy, as my thank you for your giving this month. This powerful teaching will ignite your faith to see God do even greater things in your life.

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Hold fast to this teaching. As you do, may you see your highest expectations come to pass, and may each step you take be marked by the surety of God's faithfulness.

In Him,

Jerry Savelle
Jerry Savelle

P.S. Remember, just as Abraham was "fully persuaded," you too are called to stand firm in faith and expectancy throughout 2024. Stay expectant, and may your faith be as unshakable as it is active. I hope to hear from you soon.