October 2017

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Jerry Savelle

This month when you give, I want to send you a powerful in-depth teaching that I recently preached in Minnesota, titled, Having All Sufficiency In All Things. It is packed with much revelation and I know that it will inspire your faith.
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God’s BEST is for you to enjoy a bountiful harvest!! How do I know this, because 2 Corinthians 9:8 shows this truth clearly when it says “… He is able to make all grace, every favor and earthly blessing abound or come to us in abundance.” Why would He want to do that? “…So that we always and in every circumstance have all sufficiency in all things” or in other words “… require no aid or support”, and we are “furnished in ABUNDANCE!” Why? Because He wants us to be a part of “…every good work and charitable donation.”

I would call that flourishing, wouldn’t you? But notice how a person gets to that place of abundance in their life. It’s in the above verses of 2 Corinthians 9: 6–7, “…He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.”

Do you see it? It’s by practicing the principle of sowing and reaping.

People, and partners like you who are faithful, and have a habitual lifestyle of sowing are the ones God makes all grace abound to in abundance. Meditate on this statement that I heard years ago from Brother Copeland that changed my thinking: “The nature of God is abundance, miracles only occur when there is lack.”

God’s law of sowing and reaping is irrefutable, and yet there are still many Christians today who choose to ignore it. We cannot set His precepts aside or we are deceiving ourselves because He says in Galatians 6:7 …”For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap.” So whether we like it or not, or believe it or not, the law of seed time and harvest is here to stay.

Carolyn and I started sowing when we didn’t have anything to sow and were deeply in debt. We purposed in our hearts to begin to live to give and to make this our lifestyle. We pledged to God and each other to be distribution centers, clearing houses for God and God has been faithful to fulfill His promises. Our largest out-go now every month is our giving or sowing. But we purposed in our hearts way back in 1969 that we would live this way every day and God made it happen!

I’ll say it again – God’s best is for you to enjoy a bountiful harvest! But there is simply no other way to attain to this without being a faithful sower! It’s the faithful man who abounds with blessings (Proverbs 28:20). Someone who is faithful is committed to it, consistent and constant regardless of the circumstances!! They don’t wait for all the conditions to be perfect or favorable before they sow (Ecclesiastes 11:4). If this is the attitude, then the devil will see to it that the conditions are never favorable.

I learned a long time ago if I don’t have what I need then I need to sow a seed – this is my lifestyle. Remember Isaac sowed at God’s instructions when there was a famine and reaped a 100-fold in that same year (Genesis 26:1-12).

It’s foolish to think that God will flourish someone if they are not sowing. He will not violate His own Word. When He says that you will reap bountifully after you sow bountifully, then that settles it! And when He says do not become weary because you will reap in due season then there is no doubt that your harvest will come. Nothing is greater or more powerful than the Word of God when we dare to act upon it.

Don’t ever allow yourself to get to the place that you despise sowing. Every time a sowing opportunity comes, immediately think, “God’s offering me an opportunity to increase my income.” In fact, Paul said look for occasions and opportunities to sow and “…be mindful to be a blessing…” (Galatians 6:10). God said to Abraham, “I will bless thee…and thou shalt be a blessing…” (Genesis 12:2).

How do you become a blessing? By sowing!

I once asked God to define what being a blessing was in His eyes, and He told me that, “It is becoming My instrument through which My Divine favor flows through you to another person preventing misfortune in their lives.” Preventing misfortune in someone else’s life! Imagine if people came to church every week or woke up every day believing God to lead them to someone who has a need! So let’s do what Paul said, “Be mindful to be a blessing, especially to those of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:10).

According to Proverbs 11:24-25 … “The liberal soul shall be made fat…” Fat in the literal Hebrew means extremely prosperous and abundantly blessed! In the Message translation it says “The world of the generous gets larger and larger, the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller. The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed…” Now this is FLOURISHING!

This is how you enter into the place of having all sufficiency in all things. And since you are my partners, and you are willing to be faithful, consistent sowers, and you live to give, then you can expect to flourish!

This month when you give, I want to send you a powerful in-depth teaching that I recently preached in Minnesota, titled, Having All Sufficiency In All Things. It is packed with much revelation and I know that it will inspire your faith.

Your faithful support of JSMI makes you a partaker of the same grace and anointing to flourish which is on my life. I’m able to teach people all over the world how to become sufficient and bountiful so that they can become His instrument to prevent misfortune in other people’s lives.

I’m praying and declaring God’s blessing over your life! I’m believing that you will become the one who is abundantly blessed and can bless others. In other words, you will begin to Live to Give!

              In Him,

Jerry Savelle

Jerry Savelle

P.S. I am attaching a prayer that we are praying over YOU, our precious partners, so that you can see our hearts for you and what we are believing and standing in agreement with and for you!



August 17, 2017 – Staff Meeting – Prayer for Partners of JSMI and Faithful Tithers in the Church

I asked Heritage of Faith’s Senior Pastor, Justin Bridges to pray and here’s how the Holy Spirit led him!

Thank you, Lord, for your goodness and your faithfulness and we just thank you, Father, for those you’ve hooked up with us, those that you’ve connected us to – connected in the Spirit and connected, Father, with the vision. We just thank you, Lord, we lift them up to you and, Father, thank you for your hand upon them.

Just as those, Father, in David’s day brought their gifts for the building of the vision, building of the Temple and the Tabernacle, how David lifted up his voice, he lifted his eyes to heaven and he thanked God for victory, he thanked God for being the one who enabled them to overcome. He thanked God that His hand would rest upon the people and give them strength and make them great. So, Father, we thank you that through this connection and through their offering, as we pray over our partners, that your hand is on them. That means your favor is on them, your power is on them, and your grace is on them

Thank you Father that you’re changing rules and laws for them. I thank you that you go before them, that you surround about them and the blessing of the Lord is on them, making them rich and adding no sorrow with it.

Father, we thank you that provision is rightfully theirs – provision – we say provision comes NOW. We thank you that prosperity is being sent NOW, in Jesus’ Name. We thank you that open doors are taking place NOW, in Jesus’ Name. Father, we thank you that we align our faith with their faith, Lord, and we thank you that they are increasing more and more, them and their children.

I thank you that they come behind in no gift. They are enriched for every good work according to I Corinthians, Chapter 1. Thank you that you are showing yourself faithful – that you are the faithful God and you are abounding to them on the right hand and the left hand, Father. I thank you they have wisdom in one hand, riches and honor in the other hand. Thank you that they are rising higher and higher.

Thank you, Father, that you are meeting them at their expectation. Thank you, Father, for 100-fold return in their lives – 100-fold return. Thank you for multiplication and increase. Hallelujah!

We thank you Father that their children are coming to know you. Thank you for the covenant rights that they have, and that all their house is saved.

Thank you, Father, that they are always in the right place at the right time. Thank you, Father, that they are far from oppression. Thank you that sickness and disease is under their feet. I thank you that they are partakers of the New Covenant, that they recognize who they are in you, Lord. Thank you that they recognize their authority, Father.

I come against any and all discouragement. I thank you, Father, for things that they have believed – things that their eyes haven’t seen nor their ears heard. Father, I thank you that you are revealing to them by the Spirit that they will not give up; they will not quit. Thank you that they have the spirit of a winner on them because they are connected with this ministry. Thank you that the same mandate that is on Brother Jerry’s life is on their life. We thank you Father in Jesus’ Name – Amen – Amen!