Partner Letter December 2015

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There’s a story in Luke 5 that talks about some men who brought a crippled friend to Jesus seeking healing. When they arrived at the house where Jesus was teaching, they couldn’t get inside because the place was so full of people.

They proceeded to climb on top of the house and began tearing a portion of the roof off so they could lower their friend down on a stretcher.

The Bible says in Luke 5:20 that, “He (Jesus) saw their faith…”

That means faith is something more than just believing it in your heart.

Real Bible faith can be witnessed by those around us!

Their faith-actions created an atmosphere for a miracle. It moved Jesus and immediately He said to the man in verse 24, “Arise and take up thy couch and go into thine house.” And the man departed, glorifying God!

What brought about the manifested presence, power, and goodness of God? An atmosphere of faith created by the men’s actions.

Atmosphere is defined as: a surrounding influence or environment. Environment is defined as: the conditions that surround someone which affects growth, health, progress, and success!

Many people don’t realize they have much to do with whether or not they experience the manifested presence, power, and goodness of God. They often, wrongly, think “Well, if it’s the will of God then it’ll just happen.” But, that’s not necessarily true!

We are told in 1Timothy 2:4 that it is the will of God for all men to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. But we know that not all men have received salvation from God simply because they refuse to believe and, therefore, many will spend eternity in a devil’s hell.

God wants to manifest His presence in our lives! He wants to manifest His power, as well as His goodness, but we’re the ones who must create an atmosphere that is conducive for it.

And that atmosphere is called FAITH! An atmosphere of faith is the atmosphere in which God operates. Where He finds faith, He moves!

One of the greatest ways in which we create the atmosphere of faith, which will produce the manifested presence, power, and goodness of God, is through FAITH-FILLED WORDS.

In Genesis, we see how God spoke the world into existence. In the same way, our words have the power to create. James, Chapter 3, tells us that words will literally set the course for your life. James goes on to say that if you can control your mouth, then you can control your life!

Jesus tells us in Matthew 12:37 in the Message translation, “Words can be your salvation, words can also be your damnation.”

WORDS ARE POWERFUL! In Proverbs 6:2 we find, “You have been trapped by what you said, ensnared by the words of your mouth.”

I learned many years ago that words are like containers. They carry faith or they’ll carry fear. They carry health or they’ll carry sickness and disease. They carry life or they’ll carry death. They carry blessing or they’ll carry a curse.

I know many believers who fall for the trap of speaking faith one minute but then speak unbelief the next. James 3:10 instructs us saying, “Out of the same mouth proceeds blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”

You are the one who creates the atmosphere for either the blessing or the curse to manifest in your life! And it’s done by the words of your mouth!

You really need to pay attention to this today and let it sink deep down into your heart. Your words will make you or break you! They’ll lift you up or they’ll pull you down. They’ll bring prosperity and success or they’ll bring poverty, failure, and defeat.

Learn to speak words that are filled with faith and the manifested presence, power, and goodness of God will become a common occurrence in your life!

In Psalms 50:23 we are given this promise concerning our words, “Whoever offers praise glorifies me, and to him that orders his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God.” The Amplified version says, “Who prepares the way that I may show him…”

We “prepare the way” by speaking words of faith. Your words are prophesying your future! Don’t ignore this powerful Bible principle any longer! Get aggressive with this and refuse to back off.

Start putting action to your faith by the words of your mouth to create the atmosphere for God’s presence, power, and goodness to manifest in your life!

I know the words of my mouth are one of the reasons I am healed and healthy today. I recently shared a message where I gave testimony of how God’s power was manifested in my life during open heart surgery. When you give this month, I will send you this message including my testimony as my thank you to you! In it you will discover how to apply this Bible principle to every area of your life and how to get the same results I have for years. 

Since the surgery in July, I have been obedient to the doctors and God, and have focused on rest and recovery. Because of this, I cleared my speaking schedule for a number of weeks and followed the instructions the Lord gave me to change my ministry calendar.

Even with the reduced meeting schedule I have been declaring by faith that we will finish this year strong financially and that what Satan meant for evil will be turned to good through God’s power!

Because of your generosity we will finish this year strong and be positioned to make a greater impact this coming year!

Our words have great power! That is why, when I pray for you, I speak faith-filled words declaring health, victory, favor, and prosperity over you. I link my faith with yours and expect God’s presence, power, and goodness to manifest in every area of your life!

In Him,

Jerry Savelle

Jerry Savelle

P.S. Let me encourage you to give your best year-end gift this month. All giving that is postmarked on or before December 31 will be credited for the 2015 tax-giving year. Thank you for believing in and supporting the God-given vision of this ministry and for being our Partner and Friend. I speak financial breakthroughs over you and that as you enter into 2016, you will experience His favor as never before!