Partner Letter June 2016

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What if the circumstances that have been holding you back were about to change? What if God is right now working behind the scenes to transform you into the champion He created you to be?

One of the undeniable evidences of a genuine relationship with Jesus is that your life changes! You cannot experience Jesus and stay the same!

The Lord gave me a prophetic word for you that this year was going to be the year of the Great Breaking Loose! As I was studying this, the Lord led me to look up the definition of breaking loose, and I saw something I had never seen before.

One of the definitions of breaking loose is to undergo a transformation or a change of position.

That is what God desires to do in your life! He wants to take you from being a victim to being a victor, from striving to thriving, and from being in need to the one meeting the need! (Ephesians 2, Romans 6, Mark 10, Exodus 3&12, 2 Kings 7)

Are you ready to go from one form of living to another? I hope so. And I want to build your faith to receive it!

Deuteronomy 28:13 lists the change of position God intends for you, saying, “And the Lord will make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above only, and not be beneath…”

The phrase “Head and not the tail” speaks of a place of prominence, dignity, privilege, authority, and dominion. You are no longer subject to your adversary nor the conditions he has created. You will be superior to them!

In fact, that’s why He said in the previous verse, “You shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow.” You’ll be so blessed by God that you will no longer have to borrow! You will no longer be in debt! You will no longer live in lack and insufficiency! I’d call that “a change in position”, wouldn’t you?

It happened to my wife, Carolyn, and me, and it can happen to you!

Dare to believe it! Discipline yourself and determine that being in debt is no longer going to be a part of your lifestyle.

The King James translation of Deuteronomy 28:11 says, “And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods…”
That’s really good, but also look at that verse in these translations:
Amp – “Make you have a surplus of prosperity”
Message – “Lavish you with good things”
NIV – “Grant you abundant prosperity”

Maybe you have the thought, “How could that ever happen to me?” I know how! Through God causing a great breaking loose!

Can God really do that? Nothing is impossible to Him! Let’s remember what we’re reading here – the Word of God. He’s the One who inspired it! He’s the One who promised it!

Listen to me, friend, this has been the story of mine and Carolyn’s life for years and years. If you could have seen how we lived then compared to how we live now, you would be amazed at the “change of position” that we have undergone.

And obviously, we give all the glory to God! How did it begin? By first seeing it in the Word of God. The Word created the vision for it.

We knew that it wasn’t likely to happen overnight but we also knew that if we would not give up then it was just a matter of time and the vision would become reality. And it did!

God rewards faithfulness, diligence, and patience. This can be the year that you encounter a change in position!

I want you to start building your faith and getting a vision for God’s blessing in your life! That is why I am writing to you today. That is why we broadcast our television ministry into homes around the world. That is why we produce faith-building teaching resources!

I want you to experience the change that I have experienced…a change that can only come from an encounter with God.

I’m here to pour into your life! That is why this month when you support the worldwide outreaches of this ministry, I’ll have my staff send you my recent message titled, A Change in Position.

I’m believing and standing with you for a Great Breaking Loose in your life!

In Him,

Jerry Savelle

Jerry Savelle