Principles of Living by Faith

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This course includes:
– 18 Audio Lesson
– 18 Lesson Outline
– 1 eBook – The Life of Faith

Course description:

Ask yourself the question – am I really walking by faith, the God-kind of faith Jesus talked about? He spoke of no faith, little faith, great faith and exceeding great faith. This course will definitely help you to answer that question.

At the new birth you were given the measure of God’s kind faith, and now you must learn how to effectively develop and use it. Faith is just like a muscle – you must correctly develop it or it will just lay there and be useless. There are many people that think they are walking by faith, but really they are not! That’s what this dynamic course teaches you to do using the basic principles of faith!  Below are some of the topics discussed, but there is much, much more to learn in order to help you become the person of great faith or exceeding great faith that Jesus spoke of:

  • Real Bible faith – what is it?
  • The mouth and heart connection
  • The principle – ‘we look not’
  • Confession is not man’s doctrine
  • The enemies of faith
  • How forcible are right words
  • Unwavering faith
  • The principle that produces unwavering faith

Whether you are a baby Christian or just needing a tweaking in your walk this is the course for you to become a great faith person.

You will have 60 days to complete this course.