What Is In Your Hand?

lshookDaily Devotionals

Today I want to encourage you to start giving where you are. Don’t wait until you have millions of dollars and all the conditions are perfect in your life before you start giving. If you don’t start where you are, then you will never experience God’s best for your life.

There are never “perfect” conditions, but you must start anyway. Jesus said when you are faithful with little, then He will trust you with more (Matthew 25:21). You cannot begin to prosper if you are not willing to start giving where you are right now.

Do you know what God said to Moses when he was about to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt?

He said, “What is that in your hand?

Moses said, “A stick.”

God said, “I can use that stick.”

All Moses had was a stick, a rod. Yet God said that He could use it, and God can use anything that you give to Him, you just have to start.

If you don’t have anything but $1.00, give that $1.00 and give it with the right attitude. Give it with a thankful heart. If you don’t have a $1.00, then give $0.25. If you don’t have that, then go volunteer to rake leaves or clean toilets at your church. Give God something to work with and He will honor it.

The important thing is to start now. Show God that you will be faithful. Sow what you can, and God promises in 2 Corinthians 9:10 that He will increase your resources for sowing.

I read this a long time ago and wanted to share it with you, “It is possible to give to someone without truly loving them. But it is impossible to love someone and not give to them.” If you say that you love God, you really love God, then it is impossible to not give to Him because love always gives.

So, I’m asking the question, “What’s in your hand?” Let God use it and watch Him begin to bless you!

Author: Jerry Savelle