April 2021

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I want you to go deeper into the revelation of the unprecedented goodness of God. Thats why this months teaching resource is my recent audio message, Get Ready for the Unprecedented Outpouring of Gods Goodness. As you give this month, Ive asked my team to send you this message as my thank you for your faithful support. In this teaching, I reveal the pattern of God sending His goodness and why you can expect it today like never before.

I know that Im believing, and Im expecting to see it in my life and ministry! And Im linking my faith with yours to see the unprecedented goodness of God overtake you! 

Even though youve experienced Gods goodness time and time again in the past, youre about to experience it like never before! I declare Jeremiah 31:14 over you saying, “…and my people shall be satisfied with my goodness, saith the Lord.” 

I love you and Im praying for you! 

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April 2021 - MP3

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