November 2021

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The Holy Spirit has instructed me to challenge you to stretch your faith and expand your expectations as we approach this coming new year. Dont shrink back or settle for something less. God is not intimidated by your highest expectations. 

Dont let negative circumstances dampen your expectations of God still being able to do great and mighty things on your behalf this year. He always has been able, and Hes still able to do what many will say is impossible.

I’ll say it again, refuse to play it safe. Will you expand your expectations and defy the odds regardless of how great or vast they may be?

Theres nothing that God cannot do. Hes sovereign. Hes all powerful. He created the laws of nature, and He can change them at will if necessary. There is nothing happening on this planet that is above our God. Im believing for you to overcome and to be victorious. I hope to hear from you soon and rejoice with you in Gods goodness.

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November 2021 - MP3

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